Please introduce yourself and give us a brief background of yourself?

I am Wai Lynn Aung (William) I am a 22 year old university student, Studying medicine at the University Of Medicine 2, Yangon. My family cannot afford to give proper guidance in education so I became independent since I was young.


How did you discover Charmya and how was the process?

I knew about the Charmya project providing part time jobs through my friend. It was not easy for me to pass the interview. I failed two times the interviews and I had to re-try a third time. Finally after the third trial, I passed the interview and registered as a Charmya tutror.I have been registered with Charmya for one year now and I have two Japanese students currently.


What motivates you to continue teaching?

I had a dream since childhood to become a teacher. But after the matriculation examination, I had high points and I had to join the medical school to become a doctor. And so I missed the chance to become a teacher. But thankfully, Charmya gave me the opportunity to do something I am passionate about-Teaching and I am very happy to share our Burmese knowledge and language with foreigners. I get very confident and hard working through this job and experience.


What is your best experience teaching with CHARMYA

I have two Japanese students now. They are very good and I like teaching them. Sometimes we have difficulty in communication but we solve it through hard work and through experience, it gets easier to solve.


Why would you recommend CHARMYA

I would recommend it because Charmya made my dream come true. Thanks a lot.

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