Kaung Myat Ko


Please introduce yourself and give us a brief background of yourself?

My name is Kaung Myat Ko and I'm 23 years old. I am an engineer and also tutor. Some of you may wonder why a guy from engineering field working as a tutor is. Well, to tell you why, I may need to start saying from how I've met CHARMYA.


How did you discover Charmya and how was the process? 

In my final year of university, I desperately needed some money as I was living on my own. I was working as a matriculation teacher (which I still am) to earn money but it was not enough. So, I started looking for part-time jobs that I could get my hands on. But it is not easy to get a part-time job in Myanmar. I kept on looking and I found a tutor seeking advertisement from CHARMYA on a website (which sadly I cannot remember). I called and they asked me to come listen to the seminar and I sat for a pre-interview for this job, which was one of the most exciting and nervous times of my life. "Will they call me?" how will the result be? “So many questions like those rose in my mind. I was really afraid that they would not call me. Fortunately, with the luck and the effort I had put to show Mr.Tomo that I really wanted this job in the interview, I passed. I felt really happy. I was then called for a further interview and a training program. There were four more interviews (which is also a training program, that helps to become a qualify tutor)


What motivates you to continue teaching

It's now nearly a year since I've started this tutor job with CHARMYA. I choose this job as I love to teach and also I have a chance to meet and talk with so many foreigners. I also helped in the Myanmar Language Test program. All of you may wonder why is he telling us all about this, it's just his life. Well, it is to tell you that teaching Burmese to foreigners is not an easy job to do but this is a great job to do.


What is your best experience teaching with CHARMYA?

All my experiences have been good. Teaching with CHARMYA has given me the confidence to show our beautiful Burmese language to foreigners.


Why would you recommend CHARMYA?

I really would recommend CHARMYA project for you because rest assured, if you face the trouble at this job, Mr.Tomo and all the other friends and tutors at CHARMYA are all ready to give a hand in your way of becoming a great tutor.

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