Please introduce yourself and give us a brief background of yourself?

My name is Thant Sin Hmwe and my students have also known me as “Ms. Jessica. “Well, I used to work as an English and Burmese language teacher for Korean kids and adults in a Korean Academy called “Eureka”. I had been working there for four years. After that, I quit my job because I wanted to continue my studies and learn more about teaching methods for foreign languages.


How did you discover CHARMYA and how was the process?

I saw one advertisement at ‘opportunity journal’ about CHARMYA tutoring part-time job. So I was interested in it and went to CHARMYA office to attend a seminar, which was held on 16th May of 2015 and I was interviewed. I was then given one assignment which was 3 minutes speech about how you are a hard worker. That night, I couldn’t sleep and I asked three people about ideas on how I can make that assignment hey gave me different ideas and I was confused. Finally, I just thought of my previous job and I just spoke out my speech about how I worked hard in my previous job. Day by day, I accomplished my process at CHARMYA by being on time, greeting, smiling, preparation and being optimistic which are the rules of CHARMYA. After the process, I finally got my student on the 14th of June, 2015.


What motivates you to continue teaching?

My motivation comes from my students. I have an interest in teaching language and when I started working as a language teacher, I thought that smart and bright are the most important thing. But I was wrong. Looking at my student, I became aware that consistency is the most important thing. Now I have 6 students. As long as my students can speak Burmese language, I am very happy. Even their piece of words or phrase in Burmese motivates me to teach Burmese as much as I can.


What is your best experience teaching with CHARMYA?

My best experience is my first student who hard working. He tried to have lesson even though he was very busy. As a result, He improved a lot. Now he speaks basic sentence structures in Burmese. He can understand what I say. He even can make some jokes to me in Burmese as well.


Why would you recommend CHARMYA?

I really would like to recommend CHARMYA project for you because CHARMYA is a place where you can get a lot of benefits and you can share your experience and you can also improve your skills. Both teaching and speaking.

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