Online Lesson

Speak Burmese on online EVERY DAY!

Woud you like to enjoy Myanmar life? To communicate with local and get know the culture, basic language is very important. 

We provide Burmese online lesson which makes students continue lesson ! 


  1. Only 25 min for 1 session!
    Users take only 25 mins for 1 lesson, so they can learn casual Burmese between whiles, like when you go to office or back to home !
  2. Take lesson every day !
    To improve language, keeping in touch with language is one of most important aspect. Users can get lesson everyday !
  3. Flexible time !
    Since we use booking system, so user can book when they would like to take lesson. They can adjust time based on your schedule. 
  4. Many time of contents !
    We prepare a lot of contents. Customer can choose topic which they would like to learn! They can just focus on what they would like to imrove!



Only 45 USD / Month (4weeks)
1 time / 25 mins
7 times / week