Background of the MLT

In these days, the number of foreigners who want /need to study Myanmar language is increasing. In accordance with rapid development of Myanmar economy, demand for Myanmar language knowledge among foreigners rises and will continue to increase /rise in future.So far, however, there is no Myanmar language test through which learners can improve their Burmese skill, or through which the third party can know learners’ Myanmar language level objectively. With the MLT text, learners will be more confident as they know their language level, and they will communicate more and easily with Myanmar people. That’s why we decided to create such test so that relevant people can refer to this test as Myanmar skill “standard”. As a goal of Myanmar language learners, as a standard for companies, schools and other organization, we strongly hope to make this test “lighthouse” for those people.

Our Mission

' Link Myanmar to world by language '

Through Myanmar language test, we contribute to development of Myanmar society, and help to develop exchange and cooperation between Myanmar and other countries.