Let’s learn Burmese! ‘Why do you come to Myanmar?’

 ‘Why do you come to Myanmar?’

When interacting with local Myanmar people, the question of what your purpose of visiting Myanmar is will come up in most of the conversations. To facilitate this conversation, the topic of today’s blog will cover the conversation phrase: Explaining what brought you to Myanmar in Burmese.

Below is a conversation between a Myanmar person (described as A) who is asking a foreigner (described as B) about his reason for coming to Myanmar.

A: Shin myan-ma naing-ngan ko ba phyit lo. la ta le:
Why do you come to Myanmar?

B: Kyan-taw di ko a-loat loat pho la ta pa
I came here to work.

A: Aw ba a-loat myo: le:
Oh, What kind of job?

B: Kyan-taw-a-loat ka. gya-pan Lu-myo: tway ko ka: ngha: ta pa
My business is in renting car for Japanese people

A: In: Sate-win-sa:-saya-kaung: te
Immm…This is interesting.

A-loat ka be lo le: a-sin-pyay la:
How is your work so far? Going good?

B: In: ma-so: pa bu:
Yes, Not Bad.

Da-pay-me. ( kyan-taw) a-loat po kyo:-sa: pho. tot lo tone: pa (pe:)
But I need to work harder.

A: Gya-pan tway a-kone-lone: a-loat a-lon kyo:-sa: te. thu tway pa (pe:)
All Japanese are very hard workers!


Let’s learn some additional words in Burmese for the conversation phrase why you come to Myanmar:

di ko a-le la ta pa
I came here to visit.

di ko Say ta-na. win-htan: loat pho. la ta pa
I came here to do Volunteer.

di ko Thu.tay-tha-na. loat pho. la ta pa
I came here to research.

di ko kha-yi: htwat pho. la ta pa
I came here to travel.


In Burmese,Kyan-taw is used to express that it is a male speaking while Kya-ma is used to express that it is a female speaking.

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