Let’s learn Burmese! ‘ I am —– ‘

Today’s blog is going to focus on conversation phrase and provide learning for some vocabulary. The article will cover the conversation phrase ‘I am…’to assist learning how to introduce yourself in Burmese. This is really important especially if you are going to an event or having a meeting for the first time with a Myanmar person.

Let’s begin!!

Conversation Phrase: ‘I am…….’

[L]: Audio part

When introducing yourself in Burmese, The pattern that we mostly use as in English is: ‘My name is Aung Zaw’.

Example 1:
[L] Kyan taw. (ka.) Hton hton: pa
I’m Htun Htun

Example 2:
[L] Kyan taw.nan me (ka.) Alice: pa
My name is Alice

More vocabulary!
[L] Thu : He
[L] Thu ma :  She


When introducing where you are from, the preposition ‘from’ is placed behind the place.

Example 3:
[L] Kyan ma. (ka.) myan ma ka.pa
I am from Myanmar

Example 4 :
[L] Kyan taw (ka.) a-may yi ka.ka.pa
I am from America

More vocabulary!
[L] Pyin thit: France
[L] Ta-yoat: Chinese


When introducing what your profession is, the format is: Kyan Taw (ka.) {I am}…..pa.

Example 5:
[L] Kyan taw (ka.) tat ka-tho kyaung: tha: pa
I am a university student

Example 6:
[L] Kyan taw (ka.) di kone pa-ni oat ka-hta.pa
I am the president of this company.

More vocabulary!
[L] Won Htan A-thit : New Staff
[L] Taw te Sa-ya ma : Good Teacher
[L] Htu:chon te shay.nay : Outstanding Lawyer
[L] Man nay gya : Manager


Learning how to introduce yourself in Burmese really makes for a great conversation starter in business meetings, networking events and at social gathering when you first meet a local Myanmar person.
It is pretty easy if you keep practicing.

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