[3rd] Learner’s comment



Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is T.D. I have been working at branch office for over three years now.


How do you know CHARMYA?

Originally, I got information on CHARMYA from the web. Some of my Friends had also been using the CHARMYA service and had been learning Burmese. The experience for them had been good so I considered learning Myanmar language with CHARMYA.


Why did you start to learn Burmese?

I have been living in Myanmar for three years but I could not speak the language. In the office, I mainly spoke English. I sometimes studied by myself but I could not continue to study for a long time. I really wanted to improve on my Burmese language speaking so I decided it would be better to get a personal tutor and managed to get one through CHARMYA.


How long have you been learning Burmese and how has the experience so far been?

I have been learning Burmese through CHARMYA for six months now. I study basic grammar of the Myanmar language. I learn not only speaking but also reading Myanmar language.


Why would you recommend CHARMYA?

I would recommend CHARMYA because it is the best to study with the personal Tutor. The tutors are very professional and have very high skills. My tutor is very kind but also strict when I am lazy. In just three months after starting to study Myanmar, I could feel the improvement in my language skills because I could start having conversations with Myanmar people in Burmese. Now I am studying to read and make the conversation more fluent with Myanmar people in Burmese. If you are considering improving your Burmese language rapidly, I recommend getting a tutor through CHARMYA.

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