[1st] Learner’s Comment



Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Y. K and I have been living in Myanmar over 2 years.


How do you know CHARMYA?

I saw a flyer advertising CHARMYA at a restaurant I used to go to many times. I also got recommendations about the tutor service from several friends.


Why did you start to learn Burmese?

I decided to learn Burmese because I wanted to know the local culture and be able to speak to the local Myanmar people. I realized that it would also help me with the company staff and with the restaurant clerks.


How long have you been learning Burmese and how has the experience so far been?

I have been learning Burmese through the CHARMYA tutoring service for almost a year now. It has not been an easy language but I have been able to use what I have learnt many times in daily conversations and it feels good using what I learn as it helps me realize the growth in my language skill.


Why would you recommend CHARMYA?

I would recommend CHARMYA because the tutor comes to me and there is no need to think about the travel time. I can also study without hesitation at my own pace with a curriculum and schedule designed for me.I am now able to speak to Myanmar people in Burmese which makes life in Myanmar much more fun.

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